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Individuals & Families

Saving for the future and building your wealth can be much easier with a trusted guide. With experience, knowledge, a disciplined investment process and a personalized approach, our team at Peak Wealth Solutions helps you clarify, define and achieve your vision for the future. We help you determine where you are today, where you want to be in the future and the roadmap to connect the two.

As part of our Retirement Journey process, we provide local, in-person advice and guidance throughout your retirement journey, working alongside you to help you achieve retirement success.


During our discovery meeting we work with you to gain a complete understanding of your financial situation. We discuss your family background, relationships, career and your personal interests. Our goal is to create a vision of your ideal retirement lifestyle including your goals, values, and priorities that factor into financial decisions.


We map out specific approaches to implement your comprehensive wealth strategy. We incorporate your retirement income projections, Social Security analysis, cash flow forecast and Medicare review. Then we implement your plan including strategies for the construction of your portfolio, insurance protection as well as an estate plan review.


We are accountable to you through monthly statements, telephone conversations and periodic review meetings to help keep you informed about your progress. As your life and goals evolve, we continue to provide local, personalized advice and guidance throughout your journey to address issues, take advantage of opportunities and keep your plan in sync with your life.

We provide local, in-person advice and guidance throughout your Retirement Journey.